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Writing Samples

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Interactive - Horor


Assume the role of a freshman security officer incoming to an isolated arctic research base - only to arrive to find it deserted while an amorphous, sentient black slime stalks the facility. Can you survive?


Short - Horor

Overnight on Rt. 111

In a world overrun with nocturnal vampires, one man must join forces with a pair of bandits to ensure the delivery of a satchel of life-saving medicines.

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Web-Series Pilot


A disgraced FBI agent uncovers a conspiracy of Biblical proportions when sidelined into a seemingly unassuming desk position.

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Feature (Sample)

A Betting Man

A case of mistaken identity thrusts an everyman into a life-and-death competition amongst the world's deadliest assassins, where anyone will do anything to win.

Feature (Sample)

The Exodus of Ethan Rohnert

(Working Title)

A fledgling serial killer must adapt his lifestyle when one of his intended victims turns the tables on him in unexpected ways. 

Ethn TN.jpg

Feature (Sample)


A down-on-their-luck family finds themselves in a desperate struggle for survival as a mysterious signal possesses people to become inexplicably violent and murderous.

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