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Sound Designer

In March 2021, my degree path at Full Sail University placed me in the 'Project and Portfolio VI' course, focused on Game Sound Design. Given the task of designing sounds for the dar, brooding game demo 'The Blacksmith' with nearly unlimited creative freedom, I dove into the worlds of linear and non-linear sound for games. Utilizing a combination of library sounds, home-recorded foley, my own voice acting, and a host of post-processing techniques, I tried to fill the game world with the creepy, ominous sounds the aesthetic called for - crows caw in the distance, the mysterious glowing orbs pulse magic and swell with the voices of the tortured souls trapped within (Native Instruments' Mysteria instrument was invaluable for this). I used layers and selective EQs to make the weapon impacts sound heavy and powerful, and several different layers of metal and wood sounds make up the 'Shield Block' sound. All of this was then implemented into Unity via Wwise to create an interactive and immersive experience. 

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