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Project and Portfolio V

the business plan

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Film, TV, and Gaming

Jason Stealth is the professional alias of New England based composer and multi-instrumentalist Jason Doyle. After honing his craft in a series of underground heavy metal and electronica acts, he grew weary of the ‘band’ dynamic and the rock song structure that always seemed to accompany it. Jason broke solo in 2016 to fuse his developed musicianship with a lifelong love of film and cinema, crafting custom music for a variety of video projects both passive and interactive, with a preference towards the dark, scary and thrilling.

Mission Statement

"To elevate visual media through the composition, mixing, and mastering of impactful, engaging, and stimulating music, custom-crafted for the scene - and the audiences who watch it; Elevating the creative vision and cinematic experience through music and sound."


After picking up the guitar at 13, he quickly developed proficiency as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, as well as adopting programming and MIDI, spending much of his early musical career developing into a formidable MIDI engineer. In almost all of his musical endeavors, Jason has been at the forefront of the recording and production, from the experimental electronica project NiMH to the industrial metal bands W0RMDR1V3 and Protist – honing his ability to not only write music but produce it at well. Jason is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production at Full Sail University and looking to bring his abilities to the screen as a composer for film, TV and games, all the while still releasing independent works and performing live streams.

Marketing Plan

Custom music commissions; Score-to-scene for Film, TV, Games, and other visual media; Retail sample packs for music production; Synth presets; Sound Design and implementation

Audio Mixing; Audio Mastering; Remixes; Audio Editing; Recording

Live sets of original electronic music and remixes

Social Media

The first stage is to begin running targeted social media ads, aimed specifically at filmmaking groups, accounts that specify an interest in filmmaking, screenwriting or professional film audio, game audio, game development audio leads, music supervisors, and others across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others should they arise. These ads will use engaging visual content to entice filmmakers who operate in the preferred genres to visit the website and learn more, the goal being them then filling out the contact form and creating a warm lead. Any sites that allow it will have ads running that embed my composer reel directly.

In-Person Networking / Film Festivals

The later parts of the year will involve a bit of travel, with Frightfest, Screamfest, and the After Dark film festivals all taking place between October and November annually (tentatively for 2021), and several others salted throughout the year like Imagine in Amsterdam in April and Atlanta Horror Film Fest in September, among many others. The goal will be to attend three of these at least, workload permitting, to network with horror film directors and hand out promotional materials, all while staying current in my genre of focus.

Artist Representation

With a few strong composer reels in place, I will attempt to find representation from an agent who specializes in composers – of which there are a variety of agencies to choose from, such as heavy hitters like Manners McDade or Kraft-Engel, or a host of smaller firms.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 1.23.00 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 8.54.46 AM
Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 4.03.56 PM
Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 4.07.02 PM

Aimed at fellow composers and music producers, retail sample and synth preset packs will be available to download through the website, offering an income stream from things created in the general operations of the business. Audio sample collections in WAV format as well as interesting sounds for commonly used synths in themed packs, released for use royalty-free to other producers.

Music Releases

In between professional commissions, I will still be writing and releasing my own music as an artist, and when contractually viable, release soundtrack albums for commissioned projects independently via my own distributor, Distrokid. I currently have an album slated for release 01/01/2021 with a remix EP to follow that in 04/2021, as well as a variety of other releases in the retail and streaming space. Any of this music is also available for music licensing for video sync or gaming applications, keeping my consistency in the brand despite these releases being less ‘horror-themed’ than the rest of my body of work. In this regard, I am already a member of BMI (IPI# 01058631065), and I have signed up with MLC – my application is in process.  

MLC conf.png

BMI registration for 'Monty' album tracks

MLC application confirmation


Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 12.43.30
Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 12.43.00

5 PR kits to be sent out annually until representation secured, more if financially viable
All calculated figures monthly


Utilizing resources such as, it would be possible to find an individual or company within the entertainment industry already that could be persuaded to invest in getting this venture off the ground. Being specific, certain established, genre-focused entities such as the production company Blumhouse or the streaming service Shudder are seeing lots of growth and expansion recently, and convincing one or both of them (or someone similar) that having another formidable, focused, and reliable composer in their back-pocket as they move forward with a wide and varied slate of new projects would be beneficial.  

Angel Investors

Music production is a very equipment-oriented pursuit, and electronic music is doubly-so. In a gear-centric field such as this, sponsorships and partnerships can be paramount. There are already several plug-in manufacturers that I respect whom I would actively seek sponsorships from; virtual instrument manufacturers like Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio, or EastWest; effects plug-in makers Waves, Slate, Fabfilter, or iZotope; even the maker of my DAW of choice Ableton; or hardware and musical instrument and effects companies like Korg, Fractal Audio or Fender Guitars.



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