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Project and Portfolio 3

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The end of the beginning is the end (the smashing pumpkins cover)



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Written in 1997 for the soundtrack of the film "Batman and Robin", The Smashing Pumpkins' "The End of the Beginning is the End" is a hidden 1990s gem that I was excited to cover for this month's assignment. With the assistance of the talented Dremessa Chatigny on vocals - and myself handling the rest of the MIDI and live instrumentation, we crafted a heavier, more modern take on the song that sounds a lot like the the band Garbage had written the it rather than the original artist. 

original ableton session

Ableton 1.png
Ableton 2.png
Ableton 3.png

The initial composition was done in Ableton Live 10 Suite, as well as the guitar and bass recording. These were then exported to Pro Tools for vocal recording and mixing. 


Pro Tools Mix Session

After recording the vocals, the tracks were mixed using various EQs. limiters, and compressors including an intricate web of side chain compression creating space extra for the drums and vocals. To further solidify the sound I was going for, the song was mastered in Ozone 9 using Garbage's "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" as a reference track. 

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