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Jason's primary musical focus is crafting atmospheric and emotional, original music for film, video and games - with a focus on all things dark, scary, and intense. From Horror to Fantasy to Sci-Fi, Jason blends traditional arrangements with modern synthesizers and experimental audio editing to craft melodies and soundscapes as unique and stirring as the images that inspire them. 

This was composed for a competition and was not commissioned by HBO

Romero’s Haunted Horrors Survival Guide | Score Composer


  • Composed the original score for John Silver’s horror/comedy short film ‘Romero’s Haunted Horrors Survival Guide’

  • Watch the film on YouTube

Contract | Score Composer                     


  • Composed the original score for Robert Wieder’s experimental, five-minute short ‘Contract’.

  • Watch the film on Vimeo

DankRite | Music Composer


  • Composed original music as a sight-unseen score for Focus Design and Photo’s animated fantasy pilot ‘DankRite’.

  • Listen on YouTube

The SCREAMwriter’s Podcast | Theme Music Composer


  • Composed the theme music for the SCREAMwriter’s Podcast, including an extended version and a Christmas variation.


Porch Pirate | Score Composer                                                           2021

  • Composed the original score for John Silver’s horror/fantasy short film ‘Porch Pirate’, which was nominated for ‘Best Music’ at the OIF Escape Challenge film festival, June 2021

  • Watch the film on YouTube

Darkwoods | Music Composer                                                             2021

  • Composed 5 original pieces for Valentin Bertolino's upcoming horror game Darkwoods. Self-released the tracks as an EP.

  • Listen on Bandcamp

Downloadable Resume

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